“The Firm”

Spencer and Lee review the file adaptation of “The Firm.” Let’s just say Lee didn’t like this one.


“A Time to Kill”

Spencer and Lee review the movie adaptation of John Grisham’s “A Time to Kill.” Spencer, yes, Spencer leads the recap, Lee compares and contrasts the movie with the book and they play a round of American’s new favorite game “Real Lawyer, Fake Lawyer.”


“The Rainmaker”

Spencer and Lee review the “The Rainmaker.” Lee compares and contrasts with the book and the guys play a game of “Real Lawyer, Fake Lawyer”


The Queen’s Gambit- Episode 7 “End Game”

“You’ve been the best at what you do for so long, you don’t even know what it’s like for the rest of us.”


The Queen’s Gambit Episode 6- “Adjournment”

“My dad drank. He wasn’t mean, or anything, he just got quiet and feel asleep in his clothes. You smell just like he did. Your eyes are just like his eyes.”


The Queen’s Gambit Episode 5- “The Fork”

“It’s foolish to risk going mad for vanity’s sake”


The Queen’s Gambit Episode 4- “Middle Game”

“You’re the best I’ve ever played.” “Until you play Borgov.”


The Queen’s Gambit Episode 3- “Doubled Pawns”

“I know what it feels like to lose.” “Yeah, I bet you do.” “And now, you do too.”


The Queen’s Gambit Episode 2- “Exchanges”

“Do you see it now, or should we finish this on the board?”


The Queen’s Gambit Episode 1- “Openings”

“To tell you the truth of it child, you are astounding.”


Mandalorian Episode 16- “The Rescue”

“Come little one.” “He doesn’t want to go with you.” “He’s wants your permission.”


Mandalorian Episode 15- “The Believer”

“Moff Gideon. You have something I want.”


Mandalorian Episode 14- “The Tragedy”

“Then our deal is complete.” “Not quite. We agreed that in exchange for the return of my armor, we will ensure the safety of the child.” “The child is gone” “Until he is returned to you safely, we are in your debt.”


Mandalorian Episode 13- “The Jedi”

“There is one possibility. Go to the planet Tython. There you will find the ancient ruins of a temple that has a strong connection to The Force. Place Grogu on the seeing stone on the top of the mountain. Then Grogu can chose his path.”


Mandalorian Episode 12- The Siege

“Does he still have the asset?” “Yes, our source confirmed it.” “And we will be ready.”


Mandalorian Episode 11- “The Heiress”

“Take the foundling to the city of Calodan. On the forest planet of Corvus. There you will find Ahsoka Tano. Tell her you were sent by Bo-Katan. And thank you, your bravery will not be forgotten. This is the way.”


Mandalorian Episode 10- “The Passenger”

“You should be arrested, but these are trying times.”

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Mandalorian Episode 9- “The Marshal”

“Wherever I go, he goes.” “So I’ve heard.”


Mandalorian Episode 7- “The Reckoning”

“Droids are not good or bad, they are neutral reflections of those that imprint them.”


Mandalorian Episode 6- “The Prisoner”

“Why do we even need a Mandalorian?” “They are the greatest warriors in the galaxy, or so they say.” “Then why are they all dead?”


Mandalorian Episode 5- “The Gunslinger”

“You want to be a bounty hunter, make the best deal for yourself, and survive.”


Mandalorian Episode 4- “Sanctuary”

“It’s going to break his little heart.” “He’ll get over it. We all do.”


Mandalorian Episode 3- “The Sin”

“This is the way”


Mandalorian Episode 2- “The Child”

“Tell me again what happened, I still don’t understand it.” “Neither do I.”


Mandalorian Episode 1- “The Mandalorian”

Spencer and Lee are back! Now we’re reviewing the live action show, set in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian. Segments include nostalgic moment of the episode and line of the episode.