Succession Season 2 Episode 10- “This is not for tears”

I wonder if the sad I’d be without you would be less than the sad I get from being with you.


Succession Season 2 Episode 9- “DC”

“Time for a blood sacrifice.”


Succcession- Season 2 Episode 7 “Return”

“Thank you for coming.” “Just following orders.” “Like a Nazi.”


Succession- Season 2 Episode 6- “Argestes”

“Greg, what happened?”


Succession- Season 2 Episode 5 “Tern Haven”

“Jeepers-f*cking-creepers, what a sh*t pinata. That was like the most Roy thing I have ever seen. It’s like I got a quart of Roy injected into my eyeballs.”


Succession- Season 2 Episode 4 “Safe Room”

“I would just ask that you take care of me, because, uh, if Dad didn’t need me right now, I don’t exactly know what I would be for… Yeah, it’s not going to be me.”


Succession- Season 2 Episode 3 “Hunting”

“He can do whatever he wants. He’s like a human Saudi Arabia”


Succession Season 2 Episode 2- “Vaulter”

“F*ck you. Yes, I did. Metro poser bullsh*t. Napkins and chitchat. Oh race relations. Kale.”


Succession Season 2 Episode 1- “The Summer Palace”

“Dead man walking. The fucking cadaver awakens”


Succession Episode 10- “Nobody Is Ever Missing”

“You’re my boy. You’re my number one boy.”


Succession Episode 9- “Pre-Nuptial”

“Tom, you remember Tabs.”


Succession Episode 8- “Prague”

“It’s like a closed loop system.”


Succession- Episode 7 “Austerlitz”

“Barely Comprehensible”


Succession- Episode 6 “Which Side Are You On?”

“Lady McBeth, getting your little f*cking screwdriver in.”


Succession Episode 3- “Lifeboats”

This is another installment of our three (four?) drink minimum podcast reviewing HBO’s Succession. This is episode three titled “Lifeboats.” Turns out asking for a thousand lifeboats during a crisis isn’t the best move from a leader. Who knew?


Succession Episode 2- “Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory”

In this episode of Mangum Talks TV, Spencer and Lee review the second episode of HBO’s Succession “Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory.” We adhered to our three drink minimum requirement and had a blast recounting a particularly absurd episode. Oh, and Spencer now finally gets the show.


Succession- Episode 1 “Celebration”

Spencer and Lee review the first episode of HBO’s Succession, titled “Celebration.” In keeping with the show, our reviews of Succession will have a three drink minimum and the format is much looser than our normal TV review pods. It’s good times.


Chernobyl- Episode 5 “Vichnaya Pamyat”

“Why worry about something that isn’t going to happen?”


Chernobyl- Episode 4 “The Happiness of All Mankind”

“To hell with your deal. To hell with our lives. Someone has to start telling the truth.”


Chernobyl- Episode 3 “Open Wide, O Earth”

“Do you want to stop?” “Is that a choice I even have?”