Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 4- “The Foundling”

Lee and Jamie review chapter 20 of The Mandalorian “The Foundling.” They enjoy going through the episode, Lee geeks out on Grogu’s history and they both want to know if you’ve watched Waterworld

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“Over the Cracker Barrel”


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Mangum Talks- Spencer Sends Ice Cream Cake

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In this episode, Spencer sends everyone an Ice Cream Cake and explains that Ice Cream Cake is a common treat in his household. Spoiler- Lee let his melt


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In this episode, BJ shares some very interesting canned tuna with the guys. We try Dong Won Tuna with Hot Pepper. Not so surprisingly, we had differing opinions on the quality. We also discuss the departure of Roy Williams from our alma mater UNC Chapel Hill. Lee is still getting over it.


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In this episode, the guys buy each other dinner again and discuss who got what. This one starts with BJ, yes, BJ, questioning if we might be ordering too much food. Later we chat about food history and favorite food cultures. We have a good time doing these and hope you enjoy them.


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