Ahsoka Episode 5

Jamie and Lee are joined by Spencer after a very special episode of Ahsoka. This one goes long as they deep dive into exactly what happened this episode, some of the backstory that helps us make sense of it, and where we go from here.


Ahsoka Episode 4

Lee and Jamie review episode 4 of “Ahsoka.” Lee continues to support Thrawn, root for a Grogu appearance and they both try to make sense of THAT ending. Good times all around. Thanks for listening and please remember to subscribe if you’re enjoying.


Ahsoka Episode 3

Lee is in DragonCon this week! He joins Jamie from Atlanta, GA to discuss episode 3 of Ahsoka. They run through a recap and, despite Lee’s best efforts, they go into segments. If you’re enjoying the podcast, please rate it and subscribe!


Ahsoka Episode 1 and 2

Spencer, Lee and Jamie break down episode 1 and 2 of Ahsoka! Strong feelings all around as the guys discuss their feelings about how the show was created, and where the story is starting. A general discussion of the show is followed by a recap of both episodes and quick run through of best line […]


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7 “Spies” and Episode 8 “The Return”

Spencer joins Jamie and Lee to review the final two episodes of Mandalorian season 3. They have a grand ol’ time talking through the final two episodes of the season, providing season wrap-up thoughts and working through the segments. This one was a lot of fun. We should be back in August to review “Ahsoka”


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 6- “Guns for Hire”

Jamie and Lee discuss a very controversial episode of The Mandalorian chapter 22 “Guns for Hire.” They go through a recap, Lee recants his accusation that Mando is dumb, they award Best Line and discuss nostalgic moments.


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 5- “The Pirate”

Spencer rejoins the pod to discuss the mid-way point of season 3 of Mandalorian, chapter 21 “The Pirate.” They talk through a recap, get in a spirited discussion about fighting with wrenches, and award best line and nostalgic moments.


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3- “The Convert”

Lee and Jamie review chapter 19 of The Mandalorian “The Convert.” Lee goes through recap, Jamie helps award best line of the episode and the guys pick their most nostalgic moments of the episode.


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2- “The Mines of Mandalore”

Jamie and Lee review the second episode of season 3 of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian. They recap, award Best Line and talk nostalgic moments of the episode, all while sprinkling in a discussion of the religious overtones of the episode.


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1- “The Apostate”

Spencer, Lee and Jamie break down the long-awaited return of The Mandalorian. Segments include: episode recap, Best Line of the Episode and Nostalgic Moment of the Episode


Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 4- “The Foundling”

Lee and Jamie review chapter 20 of The Mandalorian “The Foundling.” They enjoy going through the episode, Lee geeks out on Grogu’s history and they both want to know if you’ve watched Waterworld


Book of Boba Fett- Chapter 2 “The Tribes of Tatooine”

This week we have a special guest, Jamie, who joins us for our review of chapter 2 of Book of Boba Fett “The Tribes of Tatooine.” We go through a recap, award Best Line of the Episode, discuss nostalgic moments of the episode and determine if the episode lives up to the standard set by […]


Book of Boba Fett- Episode 1 “Stranger in a Strange Land”

Spencer and Lee review the first installment of “Book of Boba Fett.” Segments include: Recap with Lee, Best Line of the Episode, Nostalgic Moment of the Episode and a new segment “Is this as good as Mandalorian?”


Book of Boba Fett Trailer Review

Spencer and Lee review two trailers for the upcoming Disney Plus series “Book of Boba Fett”. The series premieres Dec 29th and we’ll be reviewing each episode on this podcast feed.


Mandalorian Episode 16- “The Rescue”

“Come little one.” “He doesn’t want to go with you.” “He’s wants your permission.”


Mandalorian Episode 15- “The Believer”

“Moff Gideon. You have something I want.”


Mandalorian Episode 14- “The Tragedy”

“Then our deal is complete.” “Not quite. We agreed that in exchange for the return of my armor, we will ensure the safety of the child.” “The child is gone” “Until he is returned to you safely, we are in your debt.”


Mandalorian Episode 13- “The Jedi”

“There is one possibility. Go to the planet Tython. There you will find the ancient ruins of a temple that has a strong connection to The Force. Place Grogu on the seeing stone on the top of the mountain. Then Grogu can chose his path.”


Mandalorian Episode 12- The Siege

“Does he still have the asset?” “Yes, our source confirmed it.” “And we will be ready.”


Mandalorian Episode 11- “The Heiress”

“Take the foundling to the city of Calodan. On the forest planet of Corvus. There you will find Ahsoka Tano. Tell her you were sent by Bo-Katan. And thank you, your bravery will not be forgotten. This is the way.”


Mandalorian Episode 10- “The Passenger”

“You should be arrested, but these are trying times.”


Mandalorian Episode 9- “The Marshal”

“Wherever I go, he goes.” “So I’ve heard.”


Mandalorian Episode 8- “Redemption”

“You expect me to search the galaxy for the home of this creature and deliver it to a race of enemy sorcerers?” “This is the way.”


Mandalorian Episode 7- “The Reckoning”

“Droids are not good or bad, they are neutral reflections of those that imprint them.”


Mandalorian Episode 6- “The Prisoner”

“Why do we even need a Mandalorian?” “They are the greatest warriors in the galaxy, or so they say.” “Then why are they all dead?”