The Nevers Episode 1-“Touched”

April 13, 2021 by terry

Spencer and Lee review Episode 1 of HBO’s The Nevers titled “Touched.” They recap the episode, discuss their favorite line and select their (early) favorite character arcs!


  • Laura says:

    I saw many many things in this 1st episode. Here’s a few-Amalia was touched 3x, so 3 turns (Christ/Trinity)! I also think her drowning brought this all about! Her name Is pronounced Pen·ance (as in doing penance for sin). I think the Dr Hauge fucked up Maladie (anti-Christ) when she was sent to the asylum. She says it’s the Drs fault at the opera. Frank Mundi (cop) is dating Mary (Virgin Mary) he walks her to the audition at the beginning of the show. Penance states there’s only one creator. One shot of the sky machine looks like a cross. Christianity runs thick thru this. Class struggle, female power not wanted. Turning of the hourglasses- times running out for the Tofs. Whatever happen to Horatios wife & kid? Tons more – email me. Rate the show a 10. Best line “I’ll be your F’ing Angle of Death” by frank mundi.

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