As the Wheel of Time Turns – Episode 1.4 The Dragon Reborn

November 29, 2021 by Mangum Reads

BJ, Bre, Lee, and Sarah review the third episode of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time. We go through a recap, ‘Ta’veren of the Week’ – favorite character, ‘Gleeman’s Corner’ favorite scene/dialog, ‘Novice’s Notes’ and ‘Dragon Power Rankings’ in part 1 (spoiler free). Part 2 has book spoiler content with ‘Reading the Pattern’ -where things fit into the bigger book story, ‘the Weft and Warp’ – changes from the book and how we feel about that, and ‘Disappointed Darkfriends’ -complaints from the internet.


  • terry says:

    Sorry about the pet noises in the background of this one. In between holiday travel it was tough to get this recorded. Next week will not include cameos from Lee’s cats and dog.

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