Pottering Around – 5.25 The Beetle at Bay

BJ, Spencer, and Sarah do a chapter by chapter read of the fourth Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix. Sarah starts us off with a Rapid-fire Recap, BJ then goes into his Wizard Wheezes, then joins Spencer for Newbie’s Notes. Sarah then purveys over the winner and loser of the chapter, followed by a […]

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Episode 3- “Revenge of the Sith”

September 30, 2022 by terry

Spencer, Lee and Jamie complete their review of the Star Wars prequel movies. Lee believes he has the high ground and pushes hard that this is one of the best Star Wars movies ever. Jamie and Spencer… disagree. Segments include: recap, Best Line of the Movie, Nostalgic Moment of the Movie and “Why is this […]

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