#FortheThrone Clip Rewatch

In this episode, Spencer and Lee rewatch all the clips HBO has released as part of it’s #FortheThrone marketing campaign in advance of season 8. Yes, it included the red wedding. You can follow along with us at youtube.com/gameofthrones. Also (spoiler) Spencer and Lee are recording in the same place!

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Mangum Reads – Episode 10: We are Legion (We are Bob) plot pt 1

December 4, 2018 by Mangum Reads

We start in on a new book part of the Bobiverse trilogy which BJ has recommended (and harangued Spencer to read for a while now). We cover about half the plot and touch on some of the philosophical questions posed by a virtual copy of one’s self and living forever. Next week we continue with […]

GoT Questions? Season 1, Episode 3- “Lord Snow”

November 28, 2018 by terry

In this episode of the GoT Questions? podcast, Spencer and Lee review Season 1, Episode 3 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, titled “Lord Snow.” They guys continue to marvel in effective world creation and spectacular acting of season 1. Both Spencer and Lee were on the road for this episode. Segments include a recap, best […]

Mangum Talks Hoops- November 15, 2018

November 20, 2018 by terry

In this episode of Mangum Talks Hoops, Lee and Levi check in on the early days of the NBA season and then Lee confesses his year long fear of UNC’s basketball team playing Duke. Topics include the Jimmy Butler trade, a Lakers check-in, What’s wrong with Boston?, What’s wrong with the Rockets? and are the […]

Whiskey on the Weekend- November 17, 2018

by terry

On this episode of Whiskey on the Weekend, Lee, BJ, Levi and Spencer drink a variety of whiskeys that, unfortunately, included Fireball. We talk about why we each decided to go to UNC Chapel Hill, our favorite movie franchise and plan the next Whiskey on the Weekend which will be recorded in person. It’s good […]

Mangum Reads – Episode 9: Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson

November 17, 2018 by Mangum Reads

This episode we delve into a little detective novella (which Spencer uses up his hispanic genes trying to pronounce correctly) with a sci-fi leaning/background. As always there is a fun Sanderson twist to the plot and a bunch of philosophical questions we try and tackle, that and some Halo references.   Next week: We are […]

GoT Questions? Season 1, Episode 2- “The Kingsroad”

November 14, 2018 by terry

In this episode, Spencer and Lee cover season 1, episode 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, titled “The Kingsroad.” The guys continue to enjoy diving back into season 1. We do a not-so-quick recap, Lee designates best line of the episode and Spencer finishes it up with a little book nerd bitching. Also in this […]

Mangum Reads – Episode 8: A Monster Calls part 2

November 3, 2018 by Mangum Reads

We finish up our discussions about the various themes in the book A Monster Calls, facing our own mortality. BJ tortures Spencer with puns and some prequel memes. Giving Spencer a light reprieve on reading we are doing a short story next time. Next up: Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson On deck: We are Legion (We […]

Mangum Talks Hoops- October 25, 2018

October 30, 2018 by terry

In the inaugural episode of Mangum Talks Hoops, Lee and Levi discuss the NBA off season, give some predictions and talk about a few of the early season games we’ve seen so far. Segments include “Whose dropped 50 already?”, way too early Rookie of the Year discussion, way too early MVP discussion, way too early […]

Whiskey on the Weekends- October 27, 2018

by terry

In the second episode of Whiskey on the Weekends, Lee, Spencer, BJ and Levi try a sour mash whiskey from Mother Earth Brewing Company and a rye whiskey from Limestone Branch Distillery. The episode starts by BJ and Lee informing Spencer of where he will be when we record episode 3. Segments include: what’s the […]