Whiskey on the Weekend- November 3, 2019 Part 1

In this episode of Whiskey on the Weekend, the guys hit the #onbrand segment. Shockingly, Spencer still writes checks and Lee has an announcement. Whiskey tasted is Burning Chair bourbon.

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Succession Episode 10- “Nobody Is Ever Missing”

December 1, 2019 by terry

“You’re my boy. You’re my number one boy.”

Pottering Around – Chapter 15 The Forbiddern Forest

by Mangum Reads

Snape being Snape.

Whiskey on the Weekend- October 19, 2019 Part 2

November 30, 2019 by terry

In this episode, the guys discuss the NBA/ China/ Hong Kong controversy and Lee fails miserably at fixing political debates.  Whiskey tasted is Ledaig 18.

Episode 39 – The Appropriation of Cultures by Percival Everett

November 28, 2019 by Mangum Reads

We take on another story about culture with a bit more weight, particularly given our ties to the south. This was a really good read for everyone and we had a quite good discussion about it. Next up: You’ll Always Have the Burden With You by Ken Liu On deck: Mono no Aware again by Ken […]

Pottering Around – Chapter 14 Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

November 25, 2019 by Mangum Reads

But I like those names, it’s a good dragon name.

Succession Episode 9- “Pre-Nuptial”

November 24, 2019 by terry

“Tom, you remember Tabs.”

Whiskey on the Weekend- October 19, 2019 Part 1

November 23, 2019 by terry

In this episode of Whiskey on the Weekend, the guys cover the #onbrand segment and Spencer steals the show. Check out the visual evidence of Spencer’s very odd story at our Mangum Talks Facebook Page. Whiskey tasted is Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch.

Episode 38 – l’Cuisine des Memoires by NK Jemisin

November 18, 2019 by Mangum Reads

It’s not going to be chicken nachos?

Pottering Around – Chapter 13 Nicholas Flamel

by Mangum Reads

I knew I knew him from somewhere.