House of the Dragon- Episode 5 Full Review

Spencer is back! Lee and Spencer review episode 5 of HBO’s “House of the Dragon.” Shockingly, they don’t completely agree about the quality of the episode… Segments include: recap with Lee, Best Line of the Episode, “Is (The) Game of Thrones Back?” and a spoiler-only section on book to show changes.

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A thousand eyes and one.


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You can edit out the sound of me pouring wine right?


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In “deference” to the upcoming season premier of GoT, we’ll be doing a special episode of Mangum Reads! We’ll be doing the second in the Dunk and Egg stories ‘The Sworn Sword’. Also after our coverage of this and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil we’ll be moving on with ‘The Fifth […]


GoT Questions? Season 8 Prep!

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In this episode, Spencer and Lee prepare for the premiere of season 8 of HBO’s Game of Thrones! They discuss what they are excited to see, top character reunions they expect, top 3 characters most likely to live, top 3 characters most likely to die, their biggest predictions and they put some money on the […]