The Nevers Episode 6- “True”

May 18, 2021 by terry

Spencer and Lee review the season 1 mid-season finale of “The Nevers.” They do their best to recap a thoroughly complicated episode, award Best Line, discuss best and worst character arcs and do a little theory crafting along the way.


  • Laura says:

    Did anyone think Knitter & Harriet were the same person? What if this is the result of what they start in 1896? And w/all the tech – why the fuck weren’t they wearing bullet proof gear!

  • Eloise A Norwood says:

    I think penance is knitter gangs back together again

  • Buyoda says:

    Knitter was empathically, not emphatically, enhanced. Also small point, the women in the mental ward were not gossiping about Amalia. I think it was the daughter who was killed by her mother because of her turn that involved water. That person could not be dried off and was finally turned away from the mental hospital.

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