The Nevers- Episode 4 “Undertaking”

May 4, 2021 by terry

Spencer and Lee review episode 4 of HBO’s “The Nevers” Spencer actually enjoys this episode and Lee has a new favorite character. They go through a recap, award Best Line of the Episode, discuss best and worst character arcs and engage in a little theory discussion.


  • Laura says:

    Yep Vinnie Heaven Identities as they/them.
    Lavinia in a past episode says this is war & I think she’s talking about her finally having a chance to be as powerful as the males. I don’t want this to be an alien show. Amalia is obviously from somewhere else but I’m hoping it’s the future or even better a warrior angel!
    I don’t know if Mundi has had multiple same sex experiences but Hugo is saying he will!

  • Laura says:

    Oh I also think Hugo got machine arm gun guy out of jail & he’s still working w/Maladie who admitted she was at the funeral. Maladie is behind Mary’s murder.

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