The Nevers- Episode 3 “Ignition”

April 27, 2021 by terry

Spencer and Lee review episode 3 of HBO’s “The Nevers” titled “Ignition.” They run through a recap, award ‘Best Line of the Episode,’ best and worst character arcs and engage in a little theory speculation.


  • Laura B says:

    Deserés turn can only be done when someone is excited, mad or upset.

    Amalia ditched the dress to let it float another direction in hopes Odium would follow it & not her as well.

    Did you catch Myrtles face during Mary’s song? She has the language turn she u set stands the words & it’s not good!

    Also, why the hell didn’t Amalia have a turn about Mary being shot?

  • Laura says:

    I think Hugo is behind everything! Reminds me of the bad guy (minister) in Carnivalé.

    Interesting that Amalia “sheds” her dress every episode & Maladie had called her the woman that sheds her skin. I think there’s something major there. She’s just not comfortable in her own skin & still thinkin she is a warrior angel who’s taking on this vessel in this day & time to complete her mission. Thus why Penance is always saying “You look very fine” Mrs True. It’s their inside joke.

  • Laura says:

    One more thing LOL!!! 😁 did you notice one of the ladies in the kitchen at the orphanage had horns on her forehead? WTF is her turn?

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