Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8- “We’ll Never Have Paris”

May 7, 2023 by terry

Spencer and Lee break down the latest episode of the Apple+ series “Ted Lasso.” Segments include: Biscuits with the Boss, Ted Time with Lee, Recap with Spencer, Trainwreck of the Episode (anyone but Keely), Sportscenter Top 10 and a fruitful discussion via Ted’s Life Lessons.

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  • Laurel says:

    (This got way longer than intended, sorry.)

    Hey! Really enjoying the podcast. Just wanted to comment on the Keeley/Roy and Keeley/Jamie stuff. First, as a Keeley/Jamie fan, I have indeed been rejoicing this season lol. Not in a million years did I expect to get content for them, let alone to this degree, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

    That said, I’m still dubious they’ll be canon endgame. Between the offscreen breakup of Roy and Keeley, their lack of interaction, and Jamie’s white knighting being front and center (literally — in his and Keeley’s scene this ep, he’s wearing all white and is backgrounded by warmth and light; compare that to Roy, wearing all black and backgrounded by muted, overcast skies), it kinda feels too obvious for them to play it straight.

    However, adding in Roy’s bizarre lack of growth, I hesitate to say Keeley/Roy will be endgame either. It’d be way too rushed for me. My guess is that everyone will be single at the end. Not my preferred ending, but I’d be okay with it.

    Next thing: Roy’s question. Oof. Definitely the WRONG thing to ask. However, I don’t think it was out of character, nor do I think it makes him a bad person.

    He has been hung up on Keeley having dated Jamie since season 1, and despite the subplot in 1×08 about him getting over it, he never has. At every turn, no matter how far Jamie’s come from his season 1 self, Roy has bristled and thought the worst of Jamie (e.g., threatening to knock his teeth out over the confession rather than listen, and in 3×02 thinking the only reason Jamie came to talk to him was to make a move on Keeley).

    With this, I think it was the same thing. I think he accurately guessed that she sent it to Jamie, got all up in his emotions about that, and needed to hear her confirm it. I don’t think he liked that he asked the question, but his insecurities and jealousy overruled good sense.

    Which is definitely one of the reasons I’m against a Keeley/Roy reunion. Roy just hasn’t showed that he’s evolved enough for me. He’s SO angry all the time — this season he’s been sadistic at certain points — and represses so much that it indicates Keeley was seemingly the only thing keeping him remotely grounded, which does not make for a healthy relationship.

    Narratively, too, I think having them stay apart would be best. They helped each other grow initially, and now they’re on different paths. No one did anything wrong; sometimes people just aren’t forever compatible. Additionally — albeit I’m biased — I think it would be a really nice full-circle to have Keeley and Jamie give themselves a second chance. Opposite to her and Roy, they were the wrong people for each other in season 1, but now they’re the right ones.

    Anyway, my two cents. Looking forward to the next episode!

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