Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4- “Big Game”

April 7, 2023 by terry

Spencer and Lee talk through AFC Richmond’s “Big Game” against West Ham. Segments include: Tea Time with Lee, Biscuits with the Boss, a Spencer-led recap, Trainwreck of the Episode and Ted’s (Rebecca’s) Life Lessons.

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  • Tracy says:

    Honestly I think Rebecca and Roy are a better couple-age and financial appropriate, we have seen that Roy holds her in high regard (don’t settle for “fine” when you are amazing), and Roy & Keely are too different personality wise but Rebecca and Roy are more similar-

  • terry says:

    Very interesting.. I honestly hadn’t considered Rebecca and Roy. Although I think I like it. I’ll bring it up with Spencer on the next pod. That would give Roy someone if Keely gets back with Jamie.

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