Episode 1- “Good News About Hell”

June 22, 2023 by terry

Spencer and Lee review the first episode of the Apple+ series “Severance.” The go through a recap, select Best Line of Dialogue, award Lumon Employee of the Week and Spencer asks some questions. Follow us where you get your podcasts under the podcast feed “Lumon Industries Radio: A Severance Review Podcast”


  • Jennifer Karszes says:

    Is it going to continue? I was really excited to listen but it seems like it takes so long now and it was supposed to be weekly? Did I miss something?

  • terry says:

    Episode 2 came out a week after this episode, episode 1. Episode 2 is available on this site. We skipped a week for the July 4th holiday but episode 3 is out today. When we need to take a week off, we announce it at http://www.facebook.com/mangumtalks. Please follow us there for updates. We expect all future episodes for our season 1 coverage will release on Tuesdays, weekly.

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