Latest Episodes

As the Wheel of Time Turns

This is an unofficial review podcast of the Amazon Prime Series "The Wheel of Time" TV show.

Enjoy Your Stay: An Unofficial White Lotus Review Podcast

In this podcast, the folks from Mangum Talks review each episode of HBO's "White Lotus." Providing commentary, theories, jokes and much, much more.

GoT Questions?

A podcast series dedicated to breaking down HBO's "Game of Thrones".

Line of Succession

This is an unofficial review podcast of the HBO series "Succession" by Mangum Talks

Lumon Industries Radio: A Severance Review Podcast

An unofficial review of the Apple+ series "Severance" by Mangum Talks

Mangum Laughs

BJ and Lee review stand-up comedy specials while delivering the hottest of hot takes. It's a good time all around.

Mangum Reads

Mangum Reads is a podcast aimed at reviewed and analyzing interesting short stories, novellas and novels.

Mangum Talks Star Wars

Spencer and Lee review all the new Star Wars content they can find.

Mangum Talks The Last of Us

Spencer and Lee breakdown and review each episode of HBO's "The Last of Us"

Mangum Talks TV

Spencer and Lee review their favorite TV shows episode by episode. Each podcast contains an episode recap, best line and Spencer's Wikipedia spiral of the day. While Spencer and Lee are the primary hosts of the pod, other Mangum crew will make guest appearances along the way.


This is an unofficial review podcast for HBO's "The Nevers"

Pod of the Dragon

Spencer and Lee review the HBO series "House of the Dragon". This is a Mangum Talks podcast.

Pottering Around

Our chapter by chapter read of the Harry Potter Books.

The Lasso Lowdown- A Ted Lasso Review Podcast

This is an unofficial review podcast of the Apple+ series "Ted Lasso"

Whiskey on the Weekends

In this podcast, the Mangum crew kick back over the weekend, drink some Whiskey and talk about what's on our mind.